CBD! The basics.

CBD. What is it? Is it legal? What does it do? Where does it come from?

If you’ve just discovered the healing power of CBD, heard about it from a friend and are curious to learn more, or you are well versed in it and just want to expand your knowledge I’m here to help.

The hemp industry is booming and there are tons of products on the market. From tinctures to wax, to isolate and lotions there’s virtually no product on the market that hasn’t been infused with CBD.

So, what is it?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound of the cannabis plant. It is a natural, non-psychoactive, cannabinoid and people are swearing by its endless potential benefits.

Is it legal though?


What does it do?

What doesn’t it do? From aiding in sleep, to reducing anxiety, boosting mood, fighting inflammation, relieving pain. This medicinal and organic plant compound boasts endless benefits.

Full spectrum, broad spectrum, isolate, what’s the difference?

Full spectrum: This, just like it sounds contains the full spectrum of the plant, THC, CBD, CBN,CBG, ect. Do not be fooled: If it does not have THC it is not full spectrum. While the THC in full spectrum is very slight it is always present.

Broad spectrum: Broad spectrum CBD contains CBD and terpenes, but no THC.

CBD Isolate: Contains no THC, no terpenes, just CBD. This is CBD in it’s purest and most powerful form.

The Pits, Part one

Maybe I’m not managing as well as I thought I was. 
I want to bury my head in a pillow and simultaneously scream and cry. 

I feel like a scene in a movie, you know, where it’s pouring rain and some poor sap is standing in the midst of it cursing the heavens. That’s me. That’s what’s going on in my head.
Writing helps a lot. Getting things on to a screen or paper and out of my head is a saving grace.
I just wish it wasn’t like this. I wish I had a normal functioning brain buuuuut I don’t. So try as I might, coping is my only option.

Anyway. Rough day. But, there are better ones ahead.

So, I leave you with this (not my art, see watermark!)

 Good day friends. 

Talk is cheap, and terrifying

I had a regular conversation with someone at my daughter’s school this morning. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing too crazy, just a normal everyday conversation. 
Tell me why I can talk to anybody about anything but then after the fact I’ll sit there and relive the conversation in my head and anxiously curse myself for stupid things that I might have said. 
It was just a regular conversation typical good mornings and how do you do. But what if I said it funny? What if I said something wrong? Did I stutter on my words? Does she think I’m absolutely ridiculous? And why did I have to say that?!?! 

I’ll probably relive this conversation until the next time that I talk to someone. At which point I’ll relive that conversation a million times and wonder the same things. 
When I was younger I didn’t seem to mind what people thought about me. I was actually the Daredevil in my family. I had no shame and no fear, so what happened?

 Where did that Fearless little girl go and why is she this anxious bubble she is now?

 As I go through my days now I try to remind myself that nobody’s opinion really matters. 

That I probably didn’t say anything stupid.

That they probably aren’t even thinking about our conversation. 

And if they are thinking about our conversation it’s likely that she too is thinking did I sound stupid, did I say something wrong, is she judging me right now? 

Or maybe she’s even thinking to herself what a delightful conversation that was and how she hopes to have another one tomorrow. I can’t be sure but all I do know is this

Worry is like a rocking chair.

Rock. Rock. Rock. Rock.

It’s a great way to go no where fast.

Happy sunday friends. 

No I’m just kidding its Monday. …..

A little neglectful, a little successful. 

I haven’t been here much.

It seems like every update is a mass update.
Things are going blissully well, and I’m extremely grateful. 

My anxiety, though it be the plauge in my life, has been much more manageable. (Here’s a few things to thank for that )

  • I have started to begin each day with a good thought. Something I am grateful for, or a positive affirmation (there are lots of apps that offer daily affirmations).
  • Speaking of apps I have been utilizing my phone as a wellness tool. 30 day gratitude challenges,  meditation apps, I have an app that talks you through breaths during an anxiety or panic attack. There’s resources out there that offer great wellness solutions and actually trying and sticking to them has changed my life.
  • I stopped allowing negative thoughts and feelings to enter my space. Worry is like a rocking chair has been a lovely motto for me. If I can’t fix change or do anything about a problem, I stop worrying about it. If I can do something to fix change or better the situation, then I do that.
  •  I have gotten better at stopping and checking in with myself. Taking a break and reflecting on how things are going several times throughout the say has been majorly successful.
  • I got a job that I actually love. Work is my happy place and I absolutely mean that. No matter what industry you are in find something you love. A fantastic boss and helpful strong coworkers are a blessing.

I don’t get to spend as much time with my husband or my kids, but we have more money incoming which means we have the funds to do more fun family outings.
More income also means a little spoilage for myself.

I’ll post a better picture when it heals and has lightened up. But, by that time I plan to have the diadem, sorting hat, and a few other little odes to my obsession as well.
Until next time loves.

Transparancey is Trendy

I’ve let my brain control every aspect of my life for far too long. You’re reading this probably thinking to yourself “..uhm, duh..” but it’s so much more than simple decision making, simple thoughts. When I say it controls me, I mean the irrationality. When you live with an imbalance, a disorder, a disease, whatever it may be- everything becomes so much harder.

When you are socially anxious even things as simple as checking the mail or getting grocieries is taxing. 

When you have PTSD from abuse it’s a constant war with your own thoughts. It’s trying to sort out the lies you’ve been made to believe about yourself, from what’s real about you. 

When you have anxiety it is being endlessly irriational and believing that irrationality. It’s over thinking and over analyzing. 

When you have depression it’s fighting to be okay and brief moments of solace or distraction followed by being swallowed whole by your thoughts. 

When you add all of those together you get me. For two years this has owned me. 

Today I’m taking my power back. 

I’ve decided to open up with raw transparancey.

 I’ve decided to share my own daily Pits (the dirty, bad, and hard). As well as my Peaches (all the sweetness, the fruity goodness, what keeps me going ). Because I can fight through all this negative in my head with the beauty around me and I can get “better”.

I can’t feel like this forever.

I REFUSE to live like this anymore.

I challenge you, even if your life is full of Pits, to find and focus on the Peaches. 

Be well friends.


Name Changes and Life Updates

The past two years have passed in a blink.


I left an extremely abusive relationship and established myself.

Without even looking, I found prince charming.

He is everything, and more.

*Cue wedding bells*

I wasn’t kidding when I said he was everything, he even wrote my daughter her own vow at the wedding (swoon).

We (and by we I mean “I” because nothing peeves me more than a man who says “we’re pregnant’…oh are WE?) got pregnant.


However, 5 months in to the pregnancy I started having some serious complications.

I ended up being admitted to the hospital for three weeks of pampering. And, on June 27th (12 weeks early) we met our beautiful son.

Our tough fighter spent 62 long days in the NICU, but now here we are.

Like I said, the past few years have gone by in a blink and time is not slowing down, but I am so excited to be back here to share as always health and wellness tips, money saving tips (because as a young mother of two frugality is key), product reviews (check back here later for “The Pits and The Peaches”), and all things good, bad, and Goldstone.


Till next time!

Do what you fear

In the words of my all time favorite instructor “Do what you fear and fear will disappear” So here it goes, my completely transparent story. Advocare found me when I was in my lowest valley, at rock bottom. I was by no means overweight but I was definitely unhealthy.
The days where I actually had the energy to get up out of bed were few and far between. My self esteem was at an all time low, and I hated the person I saw in the mirror. I was severely depressed, and felt hopeless constantly.

I was introduced to the products and signed up for the discount right away. Eventually I completely replaced my soda and coffee habits with Spark. I took the 24 day challenge and had amazing results.   Not only did I gain the weight I had fought to keep on for so long, I regained my confidence.


I tried the SYS cleanser and in less than a week there was a huge difference. The acne that I had struggled with my entire life had finally subsided.
I began taking ClearMood and Oasis, and kicked my depression to the curb…. Although being surrounded by so many amazing people its really hard to be depressed (the sixth way we get paid? The relationships we build)

And finally I started the performance elite line. For starters I knocked a minute off of my mile in a week. In just a few weeks of starting I noticed I could breathe easier during my lungs with O2 Gold (I have asthma)/ My energy these days is comparatively unmatched to the broken girl who could hardly muster the courage and strength to get out of bed in the mornings and face each day.


Advocare has changed my life drastically, in so many different ways. It has brought me BACK TO LIFE! I am so blessed to be part of such an amazing company and I’m ready to rock my next challenge. Who’s with me?