Save yourself!

I’m quite sure a vast majority of you have seen the “52 week saving plan” on Pinterest . If you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about; it is this.


When I first saw this chart I thought it was a genius and simple plan to save up money, but seriously who has money to spare every week? These days most of us are living pay check to pay check.

So while the chart was simple and effective if you get paid weekly, it gave me the idea to create a chart that is designed to save you $1,500 over the course of 26 pay periods.

I was lazy and didn’t do a total at the end of every week, but at the end of 26 pay periods you will have saved up $1,515.


Happy savings!


4 thoughts on “Save yourself!”

  1. I often wonder when I come across these money challenges such as this 26 day Challenge, what line of business , or work people are in that they can just have this type of EXTRA money every day.
    It may surprise some bloggers, that there are actually people that don’t clear $1500.00 a month.
    Most of the money challenges on pinterest seem to be unrealistic, and unachievable for the average working person. I did the dollar challenge and it was almost impossible to achieve. Of course, I paid my bills first. That was probably a stupid thing to do!


    1. Hi Patricia! I find saving $1,500 in 26 days unrealistic as well. We are a one income, four person family and every penny counts. That’s why the 52 week challenges didn’t work for me, I didn’t have money to spare every week of the year. I did find, however, that if I put a small amount away every payday and didn’t touch it- I wouldn’t miss it. Thus the 26 Pay Period challenge was born.


  2. This is for 26 pay periods, not 26 days – assuming you get a paycheque every second week. The first rule of saving, no matter how much, is to pay yourself first. There will never be money “left over” at the end of a pay period. It works surprising well. Best of luck.


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