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Name Changes and Life Updates

The past two years have passed in a blink.


I left an extremely abusive relationship and established myself.

Without even looking, I found prince charming.

He is everything, and more.

*Cue wedding bells*

I wasn’t kidding when I said he was everything, he even wrote my daughter her own vow at the wedding (swoon).

We (and by we I mean “I” because nothing peeves me more than a man who says “we’re pregnant’…oh are WE?) got pregnant.


However, 5 months in to the pregnancy I started having some serious complications.

I ended up being admitted to the hospital for three weeks of pampering. And, on June 27th (12 weeks early) we met our beautiful son.

Our tough fighter spent 62 long days in the NICU, but now here we are.

Like I said, the past few years have gone by in a blink and time is not slowing down, but I am so excited to be back here to share as always health and wellness tips, money saving tips (because as a young mother of two frugality is key), product reviews (check back here later for “The Pits and The Peaches”), and all things good, bad, and Goldstone.


Till next time!


You are what you eat, so don’t be trashy and cheap

If you’re ready to start a healthy lifestyle, you need to reevaluate what you are putting into your body. Consistent sugar cravings makes you sleepy and fatigued.

Remember not to substitute artificial sweeteners for sugar false sweeteners like aspartame and saccharin will actually keep you craving sweets! Try using natural sweeteners like honey instead.

When you crave sugar often what you really need is protein. Try eating a hard boiled egg or a hand full of almonds.

Do not to skip meals eat at least three meals a day with snacks in between to curb cravings.

Try drinking lemon water lemon water is beneficial in many different ways. It aids in weight loss, boosts energy, and improves digestive system, and its has antibacterial/antiviral properties. This is probably one of the bests things to drink to start your day!

The most important nutrients to include in your diet and where to get them:
Vitamin B6: regulates sleep appetite and mood; helps nervous system function properly. Where to find it: bananas, baked sweet potatoes, and baked skinless chicken breasts are all a great source of vitamin b6
Vitamin B12: improves alertness, fights fatigue, produces hemoglobin (a protien found in red blood cells) Where to find it: some really good places to find b12 aee plain low-fat yogurt, cooked sirloin, and hard boiled eggs
Folate: Especially crucial in first few weeks of pregnancy to prevent brain and spinal defects. Lowers risk of colon and breast cancer. Where to find it: Raw asparagus, spinach, cooked lentils
Vitamin D3: Strengthens bones, teeth, and muscles. May protect against autoimmune diseases and breast and ovarian cancer.  Where to find it: Vitamin D3 can be found in egg yolks, sardines, and cod-liver oil.
Calcium: reduces symptoms of PMS,  helps maintain blood pressure. Where to find it: We all know milk (skim or almond) is a great source of calcium but did you know almonds and tofu are also great sources?
Iron: Iron is crucial for proper brain function. It boosts energy and prevents anemia by helping produce red blood cells. Where to find it: lean steak, shrimp, and chickpeas


Day 35

Every day I am one step closer to reaching my goals. With every explosive push up, every pistol squat, every reverse crunch, I can feel myself running out of weakness; and getting stronger. It’s a slow and intense process, but I won’t give up! Giving up won’t build my muscles faster. Giving up just puts me right back at square one.

I’ve tackled 35 of the most challenging workouts (many with a two year old on my back), but they have also been the most rewarding.

I currently use Biocharge and Catalyst 30 minutes before each work out. Biocharge is a caffeine free source of energy that is designed to improve muscle performance and decrease recovery time. While Catalyst is a branch of amino acids and L-glutamine which protects your muscles and burns fat during a work out.
How do I kick the post work out owies? Night time recovery!  I swear these are like magic! The first day I did CU24 was my first time working out in 3 years, my pecs were SCREAMING after that first workout but the next morning I could move with ease. I’m telling you, magic.


A 24 minute work out takes up 1.6% of your day. No excuses.