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The Pits, Part one

Maybe I’m not managing as well as I thought I was. 
I want to bury my head in a pillow and simultaneously scream and cry. 

I feel like a scene in a movie, you know, where it’s pouring rain and some poor sap is standing in the midst of it cursing the heavens. That’s me. That’s what’s going on in my head.
Writing helps a lot. Getting things on to a screen or paper and out of my head is a saving grace.
I just wish it wasn’t like this. I wish I had a normal functioning brain buuuuut I don’t. So try as I might, coping is my only option.

Anyway. Rough day. But, there are better ones ahead.

So, I leave you with this (not my art, see watermark!)

 Good day friends. 


A little neglectful, a little successful. 

I haven’t been here much.

It seems like every update is a mass update.
Things are going blissully well, and I’m extremely grateful. 

My anxiety, though it be the plauge in my life, has been much more manageable. (Here’s a few things to thank for that )

  • I have started to begin each day with a good thought. Something I am grateful for, or a positive affirmation (there are lots of apps that offer daily affirmations).
  • Speaking of apps I have been utilizing my phone as a wellness tool. 30 day gratitude challenges,  meditation apps, I have an app that talks you through breaths during an anxiety or panic attack. There’s resources out there that offer great wellness solutions and actually trying and sticking to them has changed my life.
  • I stopped allowing negative thoughts and feelings to enter my space. Worry is like a rocking chair has been a lovely motto for me. If I can’t fix change or do anything about a problem, I stop worrying about it. If I can do something to fix change or better the situation, then I do that.
  •  I have gotten better at stopping and checking in with myself. Taking a break and reflecting on how things are going several times throughout the say has been majorly successful.
  • I got a job that I actually love. Work is my happy place and I absolutely mean that. No matter what industry you are in find something you love. A fantastic boss and helpful strong coworkers are a blessing.

I don’t get to spend as much time with my husband or my kids, but we have more money incoming which means we have the funds to do more fun family outings.
More income also means a little spoilage for myself.

I’ll post a better picture when it heals and has lightened up. But, by that time I plan to have the diadem, sorting hat, and a few other little odes to my obsession as well.
Until next time loves.

Name Changes and Life Updates

The past two years have passed in a blink.


I left an extremely abusive relationship and established myself.

Without even looking, I found prince charming.

He is everything, and more.

*Cue wedding bells*

I wasn’t kidding when I said he was everything, he even wrote my daughter her own vow at the wedding (swoon).

We (and by we I mean “I” because nothing peeves me more than a man who says “we’re pregnant’…oh are WE?) got pregnant.


However, 5 months in to the pregnancy I started having some serious complications.

I ended up being admitted to the hospital for three weeks of pampering. And, on June 27th (12 weeks early) we met our beautiful son.

Our tough fighter spent 62 long days in the NICU, but now here we are.

Like I said, the past few years have gone by in a blink and time is not slowing down, but I am so excited to be back here to share as always health and wellness tips, money saving tips (because as a young mother of two frugality is key), product reviews (check back here later for “The Pits and The Peaches”), and all things good, bad, and Goldstone.


Till next time!

Save yourself!

I’m quite sure a vast majority of you have seen the “52 week saving plan” on Pinterest . If you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about; it is this.


When I first saw this chart I thought it was a genius and simple plan to save up money, but seriously who has money to spare every week? These days most of us are living pay check to pay check.

So while the chart was simple and effective if you get paid weekly, it gave me the idea to create a chart that is designed to save you $1,500 over the course of 26 pay periods.

I was lazy and didn’t do a total at the end of every week, but at the end of 26 pay periods you will have saved up $1,515.


Happy savings!

Proper fuel for pre and post workout


Before a work out it’s important that you ensure your body has the right nutrition to support your workout, as to avoid injuring yourself. Your prework out nutrition should be 75% carbs 25% protien. You’re probably sitting there thinking great this tells me pretty much nothing, but here are some examples of pre workout breakfasts that provide that blance of carbs and protien.
* 1/2 cup of grapes and 1 stick of low fat string cheese
*1 slice whole wheat toast and 2 scrambled egg  whites
*1/2 cup greek yogurt with 1/4 cup fresh berries and 1/4 cup Special K cereal
*1 banana and 1 tablespoon of nut butter
*1 apple and a handful of walnuts

About 30 minutes to an hour before your work out snack on some dried fruits like raisins, dried cranberries, or dried plums. These deliver concentrated energy that your body can absorb quickly.

Other good pre workout snacks include:
Fresh fruit
Rice cakes
Fruit and nut bar (such as a kind bar or an advobar)

Within two hours after you work out you really need to focus on replenishing your body no matter what exercise you did that day, priority number one is to stay hydrated.

Sports drinks like Gatorade and powerade replenish electrolytes but contain a LARGE amount of sugar, try rehydrate from Advocare instead. Coconut water is also a good substitute for sports drinks as it contains tons of potassium and magnesium which restore electrolytes.

On Cardio days:
REPLENISH FLUIDS. On cardio days carbs are better than protiens so try oatmeal with low fat or almond milk and a banana or whole weat toast with cottage cheese
On weight days:
REPLENISH FLUIDS. On weight days focus on mainly protien. Things like baked skinless chicken breast and broccoli, an egg white veggie omlet, or turkey/tofu and green beans or asparagus.

Cardio & weight days:
REPLENISH FLUIDS! !! On days where you do both weight and cardio exercises your carb to protien ratio should be 3:1. (70 grams of carbs to 20 grams of protein). Including a protien shake with fruit or sweet potatoes and greek yogurt would be a good choice for these days.

If you’re drinking a protien shake drink it within two hours of finishing your workout, this will give your body the nutrients it needs and promote lean muscle growth.

You can have excuses or results, not both


We believe what we tell ourselves Repeat these affirmations to yourself every single day!
I can do anything
I am prepared for success
Every day in every way my body is becoming stronger
My stamina increases on a regular basis
I am worthy of great things

Change your words:
I can’t —-> I can and I will
It’s not my fault —-> I accept responsibility
It’s a problem —-> it’s an opportunity
I couldn’t possibly do that —-> What could I do to accomplish that
This is terrible —-> this is a learning experience

Do what you fear and fear will disappear

Don’t be afraid to give some things up, like:
Self doubt
Negative thinking
Fear of failure
Negative self talk
Fear of success
People pleasing


You are what you eat, so don’t be trashy and cheap

If you’re ready to start a healthy lifestyle, you need to reevaluate what you are putting into your body. Consistent sugar cravings makes you sleepy and fatigued.

Remember not to substitute artificial sweeteners for sugar false sweeteners like aspartame and saccharin will actually keep you craving sweets! Try using natural sweeteners like honey instead.

When you crave sugar often what you really need is protein. Try eating a hard boiled egg or a hand full of almonds.

Do not to skip meals eat at least three meals a day with snacks in between to curb cravings.

Try drinking lemon water lemon water is beneficial in many different ways. It aids in weight loss, boosts energy, and improves digestive system, and its has antibacterial/antiviral properties. This is probably one of the bests things to drink to start your day!

The most important nutrients to include in your diet and where to get them:
Vitamin B6: regulates sleep appetite and mood; helps nervous system function properly. Where to find it: bananas, baked sweet potatoes, and baked skinless chicken breasts are all a great source of vitamin b6
Vitamin B12: improves alertness, fights fatigue, produces hemoglobin (a protien found in red blood cells) Where to find it: some really good places to find b12 aee plain low-fat yogurt, cooked sirloin, and hard boiled eggs
Folate: Especially crucial in first few weeks of pregnancy to prevent brain and spinal defects. Lowers risk of colon and breast cancer. Where to find it: Raw asparagus, spinach, cooked lentils
Vitamin D3: Strengthens bones, teeth, and muscles. May protect against autoimmune diseases and breast and ovarian cancer.  Where to find it: Vitamin D3 can be found in egg yolks, sardines, and cod-liver oil.
Calcium: reduces symptoms of PMS,  helps maintain blood pressure. Where to find it: We all know milk (skim or almond) is a great source of calcium but did you know almonds and tofu are also great sources?
Iron: Iron is crucial for proper brain function. It boosts energy and prevents anemia by helping produce red blood cells. Where to find it: lean steak, shrimp, and chickpeas