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Do what you fear

In the words of my all time favorite instructor “Do what you fear and fear will disappear” So here it goes, my completely transparent story. Advocare found me when I was in my lowest valley, at rock bottom. I was by no means overweight but I was definitely unhealthy.
The days where I actually had the energy to get up out of bed were few and far between. My self esteem was at an all time low, and I hated the person I saw in the mirror. I was severely depressed, and felt hopeless constantly.

I was introduced to the products and signed up for the discount right away. Eventually I completely replaced my soda and coffee habits with Spark. I took the 24 day challenge and had amazing results.   Not only did I gain the weight I had fought to keep on for so long, I regained my confidence.


I tried the SYS cleanser and in less than a week there was a huge difference. The acne that I had struggled with my entire life had finally subsided.
I began taking ClearMood and Oasis, and kicked my depression to the curb…. Although being surrounded by so many amazing people its really hard to be depressed (the sixth way we get paid? The relationships we build)

And finally I started the performance elite line. For starters I knocked a minute off of my mile in a week. In just a few weeks of starting I noticed I could breathe easier during my lungs with O2 Gold (I have asthma)/ My energy these days is comparatively unmatched to the broken girl who could hardly muster the courage and strength to get out of bed in the mornings and face each day.


Advocare has changed my life drastically, in so many different ways. It has brought me BACK TO LIFE! I am so blessed to be part of such an amazing company and I’m ready to rock my next challenge. Who’s with me?



CU24 Challenge Bundle

There have been so many inquiries regarding what products I have been using since starting CU24.  First of all thank you ALL for your support, the walls I hit are few and far between but boy are they big.  Or at least they seem big. I’m so proud of myself but I could not have done it without two major things 1) The support, love, and constant inspiration of those around me. 2) Advocare


To go from this tiny little bean pole who couldn’t keep on weight or even do a push up to this


[^ Phase one done ^] From 103 pounds to 113.
I could simplify the math down for you and perhaps I’ll make an entire post about that at some point, but 7.2 POUNDS of the weight I gained is LEAN MUSCLE.


I did this with hard work and endless dedication.

Lets talk more about the bundle I added to my website.
1) CU24 level one work out video: this contains 7 different 24 minute work outs that are 100% customizable so you work out at your own pace and your own difficulty level.

2) Biocharge: mix one pouch in four ounces of water 30 minutes before your work out for a non caffeinated source of energy. Biocharge is great because it protects your muscles and enhances recovery time

3) Catalyst: also taken 30 minutes before a work out. This is what I like to call Lipo in a bottle. Catalyst is a branch of amino acids and L-glutamine that make your body burn fat instead of muscle.

4) Nighttime recovery: this little magic pill right here will ease the intense burn that is the rigours work out we call CU24!  Seriously…MAGIC, that’s all I can say on it.

Get your bundle here
And as always e-mail me your questions, I’m more than happy to help


Happy Holidays!