Endurance tips!

Endurance en·dur·ance


the power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.


I’ve mentioned them before; WALLS, everyone hits them and they come in all forms. One major way you can help yourself break through these walls is increasing your endurance.

1) Increase your heart rate
Exercises that encourage your heart to get pumping can increase your stamina. Try adding some brisk walking or jogging to your daily routine.

2) Run on different levels of ground
If you can find hills around your house to walk up and down. Working out on different levels of ground is more effective and helps strengthen your legs

3) Do more
It may seem obvious, but do a little more every day. Even if you’re only pushing yourself for one more rep or one more second; you are still pushing yourself to do more than you did last time. This is key to increasing your endurance. 

4) Cut out carbonated and sugary drinks
Carbonated drinks not only make your stomach really bloated but they decrease your ability to get maximum breath. Simple carbohydrates like sugar are processed quickly processed by the body and cause blood sugar levels to spike and crash. As blood sugar crashes, so does your energy.

5) Stretch!!
Help your muscles reach their maximum potential by making sure you stretch before and after each work out. Not only does stretching decrease cramps it helps prevent pulled muscles, increases flexibility, and reduces risk of injury.



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