When 1.6% is 100% too much effort

So my boyfriend is back home visiting his family, and being a daddy’s girl and missing him immensely;  my sweet sweet child put up a fight that rivaled Rhonda Rousey when it was time for bed. Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep.
It was a triple spark kind of day, and the effort to work out was just not there.
I drank my Biocharge, took my Catalyst, and still found myself just too beat to care.

As the day went on I felt like all of the progress was leaving my body.  Goodbye six pack, you were nice while you lasted. It took this overwhelming feeling of defeat to get me up and moving. So I put in CU24 and started the melt workout. I got past the warm up and about ten minutes in I just gave up. Plain and simple I just gave up.

More time passed, more guilt, more anger with myself. I ended up doing 3 ten minute work outs spaced out throughout the day.
It took everything in me every time and trust me though short, they were still intense.

No, I didnt complete my 24 minute work out today in one sitting. It took 3 sittings.  But I did it! And I am proud of myself!


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