Excuse me while I come up with an excuse

I guess the most important thing to know about me is that I’ll find an excuse for everything. Literally everything.
It’s hard to see me accomplishing anything, because I don’t feel like I ever have (I promise I won’t make this a sob story). But, then I look in the mirror and I look at the measuring tapes and I’m like Holy crap I can do this. For the first time I don’t feel like I’m making excuses to quit.

All too often people relate working out to weight loss but what’s more important than that is how it makes you feel.

I finally feel like a champion guys. I finally have the strength to quiet those pesky little voices that tell me to quit, those nay saying voices in the back of my mind telling me the pain isn’t worth it. I can quiet those voices for one simple reason; the stronger I get physically the stronger I get mentally.

It is about fighting every single day for what YOU want, and never giving up. Its time to quit making excuses and keep making progress. I. Can. Do. This.


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