Day 35

Every day I am one step closer to reaching my goals. With every explosive push up, every pistol squat, every reverse crunch, I can feel myself running out of weakness; and getting stronger. It’s a slow and intense process, but I won’t give up! Giving up won’t build my muscles faster. Giving up just puts me right back at square one.

I’ve tackled 35 of the most challenging workouts (many with a two year old on my back), but they have also been the most rewarding.

I currently use Biocharge and Catalyst 30 minutes before each work out. Biocharge is a caffeine free source of energy that is designed to improve muscle performance and decrease recovery time. While Catalyst is a branch of amino acids and L-glutamine which protects your muscles and burns fat during a work out.
How do I kick the post work out owies? Night time recovery!  I swear these are like magic! The first day I did CU24 was my first time working out in 3 years, my pecs were SCREAMING after that first workout but the next morning I could move with ease. I’m telling you, magic.


A 24 minute work out takes up 1.6% of your day. No excuses.


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